Apple Beer Review

Brand: Apple Beer
Flavor: Apple
Sweetener: Pure cane sugar
Size: 12 ounce bottle
Purchased at: Whole Foods
Similar to: Jones Green Apple Soda

Bottled in Salt Lake City, Utah, Apple Beer is a Bavarian tradition made in the Rocky Mountains since 1964. Unlike many other apple sodas, this one is made to taste like red apples rather than Granny Smith green apples. Because of this, the soda isn’t quite as tart as most other apple flavored sodas. Overall, Apple Beer captures the flavor of apples very nicely. As the bottle says, this is the “soft drink with a head” and they aren’t joking. The soda is very foamy and bubbles up after every sip. Apple Beer is caffeine free and alcohol free and comes in a brown 12-ounce bottle. The bottles design and label has a nice, old-fashioned look to it which makes this vintage soda an enjoyable drink for most occasions. rating:

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3 Responses to Apple Beer Review

  1. paul palmieri says:

    I’m looking for the company that makes the orgenial apple beer soda

  2. paul palmieri says:

    I need ogranial apple beer soda

  3. mike clark says:

    looking for the apple beer that was in the black and silver can in the 60&70s

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