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Bundaberg Blood Orange Soda Review


Brand: Bundaberg
Flavor: Blood Orange
Sweetener: Cane sugar
Size: 11.5 ounce bottle
Purchased At: Harmons
Similar To: Fentiman’s Orange and Seville Orange Jiggere

The second Bundaberg soda/sparkling drink up for review is the Blood Orange variety. The first thing I noticed about this one were the words “invert bottle before opening” printed on the front label. As I was directed, I inverted the bottle and took a look at the soda and noticed that little pulpy bits were slowly floating down through the drink. I took this as a good sign since it meant at least some of what I was about to drink really had come from actual fruit. I opened the bottle and unfortunately, the first sip didn’t really do much for me. It was pleasant enough but seemed to be lacking flavor. As I continued to drink the soda, I kept going through the process of my mouth anticipating a rush of strong, orange flavor but it never really came. Instead, I was left with a blood orange soda that tasted fine but doesn’t really do much to set itself apart as something I would want to drink again and again. This soda is merely average. It is made with real blood orange juice and cane sugar which are pluses, but overall, the soda’s fruity flavor is a little too tame and mild for me to consider this soda anything above average. rating:

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Bundaberg Lemon Lime & Bitters Review


Brand: Bundaberg
Flavor: Lemon and Lime
Sweetener: Cane sugar
Size: 11.5 ounce bottle
Purchased At: Harmons
Similar To: Fentiman’s Victorian Lemonade

Bundaberg sodas (or flavored sparkling drinks, as the bottle says) are brewed and bottled in Queensland Australia. They produce a good number of different flavors of soda so I’m glad that I’ve been able to find them locally. The first one up for review is the Lemon Lime & Bitters soda. The eye-pleasing bottle advertises that this is made with the aromatic Bundaberg bitters. Upon first tasting the soda, I was pleasantly surprised by the crisp, authentic taste of lemon/lime that hit my tongue. The ingredients state that real lime and lemon juice (from concentrate), which would explain the nice, natural flavor. The soda finishes with a root-like flavor that reminded me of ginger or cinnamon. The bitters in the soda are made from tropical spices and gentian root which helps give this drink a distinctive flavor that separates it from other lemon lime sodas. Although summer is still a few months away, this is a drink I can definitely picture myself enjoying at a barbecue on a hot Saturday. rating:

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Fentimans Victorian Lemonade Review

Brand: Fentimans
Flavor: Lemonade
Sweetener: Sugar
Size: 9.3 ounce bottle
Purchased At: Liberty Heights Fresh
Similar To: Jelly Belly Lemon Drop

The thing that I’ve loved about other flavors of Fentimans that I’ve tried is that they always have a strong, bold flavor. The Victorian Lemonade variety is no different. The soda is flavored with real lemon juice and it helps make this one of the most authentically flavored lemon sodas I’ve ever had. The soda is sour and sweet and very lightly carbonated. It finishes off slightly bitter, similar to other flavors of Fentimans. After trying a lot of sodas that have wild flavors printed on the bottle and then being slightly disappointed at how bland they actually taste, Fentimans Victorian Lemonade is both refreshing and delicious. Like all other Fentimans flavors, this one comes in a 9.3-ounce distinctly shaped glass bottle. The yellow and blue color scheme looks nice and the soda’s creamy yellow color is exactly what you would expect from a lemonade. I wish the carbonation packed a little bit more of a punch here, but I think the light carbonation is deliberately done in order to help the natural flavors stand out more. This is definitely one I want to try again. rating:

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Lester’s Fixins Buffalo Wing Soda Review

Lesters Fixins Buffalo Wing Soda

Brand: Lester’s Fixins
Flavor: Buffalo Wing Soda
Sweetener: Pure Cane Sugar
Size: 12 oz Bottle
Cost: $1.99
Purchased At: Rocket Fizz
Flavor Notes: Orange, Spicy
Similar To: Dinner

Lester’s Fixins Buffalo Wing Soda is an interesting venture into bottling the flavors of recognizable foods into a soda. Buffalo Wing Soda has a nice orange color that’s a mix of orange soda and the color of actual buffalo wing sauce. Open the bottle and take a whiff of this soda and you’ll be greeted with an orange soda scent. The taste? To be quite honest, the taste at first is subtle. It’s almost flavorless. I was expecting an over the top buffalo sauce flavor but that wasn’t the case (which is a good thing). The taste is a little orange-like with a subtle acidity. The finish is a little spicy. The acidity and spicy aftertaste give this soda the Buffalo Wing flavor. I have to admit, after just a few sips I had to stop and was not able to finish Lester’s Fixins Buffalo Wing Soda. Compared to its sister soda, Lester’s Fixins Bacon Soda, I think that Buffalo Wing is an easier flavor to drink over the bacon one. This is an interesting flavor and is worth a try if you’re into the weird or unique. Rating:

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Lester’s Fixins Bacon Soda Review

Lesters Fixins Bacon Soda

Brand: Lester’s Fixins
Flavor: Bacon Soda
Sweetener: Pure Cane Sugar
Size: 12 oz Bottle
Cost: $1.99
Purchased At: Rocket Fizz
Flavor Notes: Bacon, burnt bacon, salty, chocolate?
Similar To: Breakfast…

Lester’s Fixins Sodas are similar to Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans from the world of Harry Potter. Lester’s Fixins Bacon Soda is more about the experience and novelty and less about a soda that tastes good. I’ll be honest, I was a little worried about trying Lester’s Fixins Bacon Soda. I love food, soda and heck I even love bacon but that’s for breakfast or as part of a burger – I wasn’t sure how I would react to a bacon flavored soda. The first sip was not what I expected – I swear I tasted chocolate at first – but a fake chocolate, like a Yoohoo!. If you had a similar experience please comment so that I don’t feel I’m going crazy or losing my sense of taste. After the initial taste you do get some bacon flavor but it’s not identifiable at first – in fact, if the label didn’t tell me it was bacon flavored I probably wouldn’t have been able to identify the flavor. The finish is pretty bitter and I can best describe it as a “burnt” taste with a sort of fake saltiness. I think that combination is what constitutes the bacon flavoring of this soda. I was expecting to taste outright bacon or bacon bits but it doesn’t come across that way. I’m not sure why I get a chocolate taste – should probably just ignore that I think that, but once that initial taste passes the main flavor is a pseudo salty and burnt taste which stands for the bacon. The finish is a bit bitter, it lingers in your mouth and you find yourself moving your tongue in an attempt to rid your mouth of the aftertaste. All in all, this is a pretty gross soda, but I say that with a smile on my face because after all, this is BACON soda!! If you’re into Epic Mealtime or obsessed with bacon then you must try this soda! 2-Stars because as an enjoyable soda this is terrible, :) but as an idea, no rating scale can contain the potential that Lester’s Fixins Bacon Soda has. Rating:

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Mexican Coke Review

Brand: Coca-Cola
Flavor: Hecho en Mexico
Sweetener: Sugar
Size: 355 milliliter bottle
Purchased At: Smith’s
Similar To: Dublin Dr. Pepper

A few years ago, one of my friends told me about a magical brew of Coca-Cola that was produced in Mexico. Unlike Coke made in the United States, he said, this Coca-Cola was made with real sugar and was much better than the domestic product I was used to. I eventually was able to track some bottles down in a local gas station and decided to give it a shot. Now, a few years later, I’ve purchased some more Mexican Coke in order to review it. The reason that I finally decided to review Mexican Coke is due to a recent article I read where they did a blind taste test of Mexican Coke and regular Coke. As the taste test showed, most people actually preferred the flavor of regular Coke over Mexican Coke. Maybe we’re just used to it so that’s why we prefer it? Like my friend told me, Mexican Coke is made with real sugar rather than high-fructose corn syrup that has become the norm in the United States. Mexican Coke is very delicious, but I have to disagree with my friend in one way. While it’s a great soda, it really isn’t that much better than the regular Coke that I’m used to. It’s different, but not necessarily better. Mexican Coke doesn’t taste quite as syrupy as the regular variety which helps bring out the natural Coca-Cola flavor. Mexican Coke can be hard to track down, so if you have the opportunity, I definitely recommend picking some up. It’s different than regular Coke, but just as good. It’s hard to improve upon perfection, right? rating:

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Lester’s Fixins Sweet Corn Soda Review

Lesters Fixins Sweet Corn Soda

Brand: Lester’s Fixins
Flavor: Sweet Corn Soda
Sweetener: Pure Cane Sugar
Size: 12 oz Bottle
Cost: $1.99
Purchased At: Rocket Fizz
Flavor Notes: Corn, Sweet Corn, Corn Pops
Similar To: It’s in a class of one

This review is of a novelty soda and although it will be ranked according to the usual 5-Star scale please know that regardless of rating this is one fun soda and definitely worth a try if you’re adventurous and enjoy novelty sodas! This review is real easy – Lester’s Fixins Sweet Corn Soda tastes like the milk after you’ve had a bowl of Corn Pops or Honeycomb cereal. It’s not a bad flavor by any means, but it is very unexpected flavor from a soda. Some sips seem fine and go down without a problem and with other sips you almost gag, just a little tiny bit; and it’s not because the flavor is unfamiliar, it’s that your mind reconciling a familiar flavor but with an unfamiliar medium. Blindfolded, you would assume you’re either eating a bowl of Corn Pops or Honeycomb cereal or that you’re eating actual corn. The soda has a pleasantly sweet flavor and aroma to it. The color is what you’d expect – a vibrant translucent yellow color. Lester’s Fixins Sweet Corn Soda probably won’t become your favorite soda or be one that you have the desire to drink often, but if you enjoy corn and are feeling adventurous then this soda is definitely worth a taste. Rating:

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