Bundaberg Blood Orange Soda Review


Brand: Bundaberg
Flavor: Blood Orange
Sweetener: Cane sugar
Size: 11.5 ounce bottle
Purchased At: Harmons
Similar To: Fentiman’s Orange and Seville Orange Jiggere

The second Bundaberg soda/sparkling drink up for review is the Blood Orange variety. The first thing I noticed about this one were the words “invert bottle before opening” printed on the front label. As I was directed, I inverted the bottle and took a look at the soda and noticed that little pulpy bits were slowly floating down through the drink. I took this as a good sign since it meant at least some of what I was about to drink really had come from actual fruit. I opened the bottle and unfortunately, the first sip didn’t really do much for me. It was pleasant enough but seemed to be lacking flavor. As I continued to drink the soda, I kept going through the process of my mouth anticipating a rush of strong, orange flavor but it never really came. Instead, I was left with a blood orange soda that tasted fine but doesn’t really do much to set itself apart as something I would want to drink again and again. This soda is merely average. It is made with real blood orange juice and cane sugar which are pluses, but overall, the soda’s fruity flavor is a little too tame and mild for me to consider this soda anything above average.

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One Response to Bundaberg Blood Orange Soda Review

  1. Bob billings says:

    This stuff stinks, I farted for hours. Very gassy drink that made my nipples sore.

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