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Whole Foods 365 Key Lime Soda Review

Brand: Whole Foods 365
Flavor: Key Lime
Sweetener: Cane sugar
Size: 12-ounce can
Purchased at: Whole Foods
Similar to: Bubble Up

365 soda is Whole Foods’ generic brand of soda. Similar to the generic brands at Wal-Mart or Smith’s, 365 has fairly plain, unimpressive packaging. The soda probably wouldn’t be classified as vintage soda at all, but it is sweetened with cane sugar so I decided to pick up a few of the different flavors and give them a shot. Considering how much I enjoyed the Stewart’s Key Lime I wrote about a few weeks ago, I was pretty excited to give this one a shot. Unfortunately, the key lime variant of 365 is nothing short of disappointing. The soda has none of the flavor or smoothness of key lime, but instead tastes similar to Sprite or Bubble Up. This is purely a lemon-lime soda. The fact that they call it “key lime” is very misleading. Overall, the soda is pretty plain and doesn’t do anything we haven’t seen a dozen other times. Every sip of this can just made me wish I was drinking a Stewart’s Key Lime instead. Hopefully all the 365 flavors don’t disappoint like this one did. rating:

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