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Boylan Creme Soda Review

Boylan Creme

Brand: Boylan
Flavor: Creme
Sweetener: Cane sugar
Size: 12 ounce bottle
Purchased at: Harmons

Boylan is definitely one of the more popular brands of the vintage, old-fashioned soda on the market today. It’s widely available in most grocery stores in a variety of flavors. Surprising then, that until earlier today, I had never tried a Boylan soda. The first one I decided to try is the Creme Soda. At first, I was a little turned off by the presentation; the bottle and label are fairly bland. The color of the soda is nice, though so I went ahead and bought it to give it a try. This flavor of Boylan is pretty standard as far as creme sodas go. The soda has a nice smooth creme flavor that goes down easy. The one thing that sets this one apart from other creme sodas, though, is that it contains pure vanilla extract which adds a nice twist to the otherwise standard creme flavor. rating:

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