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Briar’s Lemon Cream Soda Review

Briars Lemon Cream

Brand: Briar’s
Flavor: Lemon Cream
Sweetener: Could not determine
Size: 12 oz Bottle
Cost: $1.99
Purchased At: Rocket Fizz
Flavor Notes: Smooth lemon flavor, slight creaminess, ever-so-slightly bitter finish

When my gaze came across this Briar’s Lemon Cream Soda there wasn’t as much as a second thought as to whether or not I was going to buy this soda, how could I not? I love any soda with “cream” attached to the title or the flavor. When I think of the other “cream” soda flavors that we usually see I think of vanilla cream, orange cream, red cream and even blue cream. I had never been seen or heard of a lemon cream soda – this was one I had to try. First off, Briar’s Lemon Cream is a good soda. The color is a cloudy yellow, exactly what you’d expect from a lemon cream soda. The bottle is a 12 oz. long neck and the there is a nice Briar’s Lemon Cream logo but that’s it. There is no nutritional information, no information on Briar’s, no ingredients even. I found this strange and set off for the interwebs to track down ingredients. No luck though — what’s strange is that the Briar’s Soda website doesn’t acknowledge the existence of their lemon cream soda. Ingredient list aside, this soda has a smooth, creamy lemon flavor which allows just a little of the sour through. Just as it should, the creaminess subdues most of the punch and pucker that a lemon soda can pack and allows the flavor of lemon to break through with just a hint of the sour. However, while upon first taste you can really taste the creamy element of this drink, the lemon flavor peaks through and finally the soda finishes with just of bitterness towards the end. It’s as if the creaminess was fighting the naturally overpowering lemon flavor and does so valiantly right up until you swallow and then the lemon gets one little kick. The result isn’t bad. If you like lemon sodas then I would definitely recommend trying a Briar’s Lemon Cream. This soda is definitely unique and plenty good enough to enjoy while drinking it. I hesitate to give this soda a 4-start rating because I’m not convinced this is a flavor I would buy time and time again, but it is definitely unique and enjoyable enough to earn a solid 3-star rating. Rating:

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