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Americana Cherry Cola Review

Americana Cherry Cola

Brand: Americana
Flavor: Cherry Cola
Sweetener: Pure Cane Sugar
Size: 12 oz Bottle
Cost: $1.99
Purchased At: Rocket Fizz
Flavor Notes: Cola, cherry, smooth
Similar To: Sprecher’s Cherry Cola

I’m quickly becoming a huge fan of Americana sodas. I enjoyed their Honey Cream and I also enjoyed their Cherry Cola. Nothing beats a freshly made cherry coke/cola from a restaurant. While I have yet to find a bottled or canned cherry cola match that same grenadine-heavy enjoyment that you can find hand-made in popular eateries, Americana Cherry Cola is nonetheless an enjoyable and very good cherry cola. This lightly carbonated cherry cola is sweetened with Pure Cane Sugar and has a smooth cherry taste. The cherry flavor is right on queue, it’s not too strong, not too subtle but it melds well with the cola flavor. The carbonation is not too strong – it’s finely carbonated like a Sprecher’s soda if you’ve had one. If you’re a fan of cherry cola’s then you should make an effort to try an Americana Cherry Cola. Rating:

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