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Zuberfizz Key Lime Cream Soda Review

Brand: Zuberfizz
Flavor: Key lime cream
Sweetener: Pure cane sugar
Size: 12 ounce bottle
Purchased At: Old 52
Similar To: Stewart’s Key Lime Soda

Bottled in Durango, Colorado, Zuberfizz Key Lime Cream Soda is a “classic draft soda” that I couldn’t help but want to try. For starters, key lime and cream are two of my favorite flavors in soda and I had yet to try a combination of the two. The soda’s bottle is also quite charming and has a nice old-fashioned design and appealing color scheme. I opened this bottle and was at first surprised by the soda’s color. The bottle is a dark brown so I assumed the soda would be a light brownish color like a traditional cream soda. I was wrong, however, as this soda is colored bright green due to the key lime flavor. After my first taste, I could definitely distinguish both the cream and lime flavors. Both are present but are quite subdued and subtle. I wish they had been stronger and packed more of a punch. Also, the lime flavor here is just that: lime. It is not really key lime despite the bottle’s claims to the contrary. I have still only tasted one soda that had true key lime flavor and that was Stewart’s Key Lime (which is really delicious, by the way). Zuberfizz’s Key Lime Soda was also a little lacking in the fizz department, which was disappointing considering the “Feel the fizz!” wording on the label. For the most part, this flavor of Zuberfizz is tasty but fails to make a lasting impression. rating:

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Faygo Rock & Rye Soda Review

Faygo Rock & Rye
Brand: Faygo
Flavor: Rock & Rye
Sweetener: Cane Sugar
Size: 12 oz Bottle
Cost: $1.99
Purchased At: Rocket Fizz
Flavor Notes: Sweet, Creamy
Similar To: Barq’s Red Creme Soda

If you’ve ever had a Faygo Original Rock & Rye, or a Barq’s Red Creme Soda, you will understand how difficult it is to describe the flavor of this soda. It’s not like anything else. Faygo Rock & Rye has been described as a “cream finished cola”, however I have a hard time detecting cola as a main or even base flavor of this soda. This is a smooth and enjoyable soda. The flavor is somewhere in between a cola, cream soda, and just a hint of a cherry and vanilla. Beyond that it is an extremely hard soda flavor to describe without experiencing it for yourself. It is a great and unique tasting soda, fun to drink, refreshing and tastes great. I’m not sure why it carries the name “Rock & Rye”, but it describes this flavor just as good as any other name would. Definitely worth a try if you happen to cross paths with a Faygo Rock & Rye. Rating:

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Spring Grove Cream Soda Review

Spring Grove Cream Soda

Brand: Spring Grove
Flavor: Cream Soda
Sweetener: Pure Cane Sugar
Size: 12 oz Bottle
Cost: $1.99
Purchased At: Rocket Fizz
Flavor Notes: Vanilla, vanilla, vanilla…
Similar To: Americana Honey Cream Soda

Ok I’ll just be frank and just say it – Spring Grove Cream Soda is the best cream soda I’ve had. Spring Grove Soda Pop has been quietly bottling soda for over 100 years and I’m sure glad they’re still at it because this is a must-have if you’re a fan of vanilla cream soda. Honestly, I found this drink on accident. The bottle design is a significant influence in which sodas I will buy, at least among brands that I am not familiar. The Spring Grove Soda bottle is pretty reserved – it’s a clear bottle with a clear label with the company name, the flavor and that what looks like a river bank with trees and plants. Don’t let this innocent label fool you though, within this bottle is one amazing cream soda. Boy am I glad I gave this soda a try. Spring Grove Cream Soda has a heavy measure of vanilla flavoring. The taste is sweet, smooth, and very clean. You can tell that vanilla is the main flavoring but it’s never overbearing. Spring Grove Cream Soda is in dark color and finishes clean – despite the dominant vanilla flavor it never turns bitter or rough – just a smooth, cream delivery and finish. Spring Grove Soda Pop makes 8 flavors in total – I’m looking forward to enjoying and reviewing their other flavors.

The Spring Grove website sums it up best by saying: “Our cream soda is one of the best on the market. It definitely will take you back to your childhood when cream soda’s were dark in color with a noticeable taste of vanilla. Rating:

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