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Empire Real Cola Review

Empire Real Cola

First off, Empire Real Cola is a great cola. It’s right up there with other great colas including Double Cola, which is my favorite cola and something I’m not shy about claiming. We’ve all had colas before – Coke and Pepsi mostly, so what makes Empire Real Cola so good? I’d have to say the smoothness. I would say it’s close in taste to an RC Cola. The flavor and taste match the impression you get from the label – something with a bit of class, not right in your face or flashy about it – like I said, the taste matches the feel and impression of the label. It’s a pretty label and comes in a short bottle. The taste is smooth and sweet, that never turns bitter (like a Moxie or even Pepsi). There is just the slightest taste of roughness at the end, ever so slight, not to be confused with bitterness though… just a slight taste after each swallow that makes you think that Empire Real Cola has been gracefully aged. If you are a fan of cola soft drinks, especially real sugar colas, then you’ll want to get your lips on a bottle of Empire Real Cola. rating:

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