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Filbert’s Peach Soda Review

Brand: Filbert’s
Flavor: Peach
Sweetener: Sugar
Size: 12 ounce bottle
Purchased At: Old 52
Similar To: Nesbitt’s Peach Soda

My first impression of Filbert’s Peach soda was not very good. The label on the bottle was crooked and the design on the label looked like it was made in Microsoft Paint by an 8th grader. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed by the presentation. I was willing to give the Filbert’s Peach the benefit of the doubt, though, because I knew that the Filbert’s brand has been around for a long time (since 1926) and is considered by some to be one of the quintessential vintage soda brands. I figured that any brand that has been around for that long must taste at least pretty good, despite the poorly designed logo and label. After my first sip of the soda, I had to double check the label to make sure this wasn’t actually Filbert’s Orange since the taste reminded me of a melted orange popsicle. No, it actually was Filbert’s Peach that I was drinking. Where then was the peach flavor? After a couple more sips, I was finally able to detect a faint hint of peach flavor. It was pretty artificial tasting and was mostly overpowered by the sugary orange taste. After finishing the bottle, I concluded that the reason that Filbert’s has making soda since 1926 probably has nothing to do with this oddly flavored peach soda. I’m looking forward to trying other flavors of Filbert’s since they’re bound to be better than this. rating:

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