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Jelly Belly Lemon Drop Gourmet Soda Review

Brand: Jelly Belly
Flavor: Lemon Drop
Sweetener: Cane sugar
Size: 12 ounce bottle
Purchased at: Old 52
Similar to: Jones Lemon Drop

Known best for their tasty jelly bean candies, Jelly Belly has also been making gourmet sodas since 2009. There are currently ten flavors of their soda, all of which are caffeine free, naturally flavored and sweetened with cane sugar. The first one I tried is Lemon Drop. The packaging is attractive and the soda itself is a nice, bright yellow. Because of the very flavorful nature of their jelly beans, I was expecting a taste explosion with the Lemon Drop soda. The first thing I noticed upon drinking was that the soda pop was only lightly carbonated. At first, the lemon flavor is quite strong and delicious. The soda, however, finishes rather weakly with a slightly watered down flavor. The soda is similar to the Jones version of Lemon Drop which unfortunately has been discontinued. Overall, I think the Jones version was the superior drink, but since it is no longer available, the Jelly Belly version is a good alternative. rating:

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