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Cheerwine Now Available at Cracker Barrel

A big announcement was revealed today for lovers of Cheerwine soda. Cheerwine announced, via their Facebook page, that Cheerwine is now available for purchase in all Crack Barrel locations across the United States. According to the post, the Cheerwine that will be sold there is the glass bottle version (that’s the version that’s made with real cane sugar). Cracker Barrel has locations in 42 states which means that Cheerwine is now available across almost the entire country.

The news is certainly exciting, especially considering how much I like Cheerwine. If it hasn’t been available in your area, I suggest finding the nearest Cracker Barrel location and picking up a bottle or two as soon as possible. You probably won’t regret it. Personally, I’ll be going to Cracker Barrel for the first time in my life this weekend to pick up some of the delicious Cheerwine. And who knows, maybe they’ll have some other vintage sodas for me to stock up on.

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Time’s Top 10 Bad Beverage Ideas

A year ago yesterday, Time posted an article celebrating the 25th anniversary of the (intentionally?) disastrous release of New Coke. To celebrate the anniversary, Time also released their top 10 bad beverage ideas (see list below). I was born the year that New Coke was released and I don’t ever remember trying it, even when it made a comeback in 1992 as Coke II. I wonder if it were released today (without actually replacing Coca-Cola Classic) how successful it would be. I’d certainly like to give it a shot. I’ve heard it tastes similar to Pepsi. The Jones Thanksgiving Sodas also made the list. I’m sure these really are terrible but I’d also like to give them a shot. Hopefully Jones releases something similar again this Thanksgiving. Here’s the full list:

1. New Coke
2. Vio
3. Coors Rocky Mountain Sparkling Water
4. Jones Thanksgiving Dinner Soda
5. Life Savers Soda
6. Tru Blood
7. Maxwell Ready-to-Drink Coffee
8. OK Soda
9. Cocaine
10. Orbitz

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Best Selling Soft Drinks in the USA

Beverage Digest recently released sales figures of the best selling soft drinks in the United States. As this MSNBC article explains, there were a few surprises on the list. One of the most interesting to me is that Diet Coke officially passed Pepsi as the second best selling soda in the country. Another surprising entry in the top ten was Fanta which came in as the tenth best selling soft drink. There are numerous types of Fanta so that must have helped them get some pretty big sales. I personally haven’t had a Fanta since I was about 8 years old. Check out the full list below.

1. Coca Cola
2. Diet Coke
3. Pepsi Cola
4. Mountain Dew
5. Dr. Pepper
6. Sprite
7. Diet Pepsi
8. Diet Mountain Dew
9. Diet Dr. Pepper
10. Fanta

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