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Squamscot Cola Soda Review

Squamscot Cola
Brand: Squamscot
Flavor: Cola
Sweetener: Cane Sugar
Size: 12 oz Bottle
Cost: $1.99
Purchased At: Rocket Fizz
Flavor Notes: Nothing memorable, “not good”, almost undrinkable

I don’t want to sound too harsh here but Squamscot Cola is a soda best left in history or on the shelf. This is the second Squamscot soda that I have had and I’ve been pretty disappointed with both. They’re just not very good. First, they have a funny name. Second, their flavors are not very good. I could not finish this cola. I can finish just about anything, but not this cola and I love cola sodas. When the flavor of a soda is bad, they can cheat their way through it by over sweetening it. This wasn’t even the case with Squamscot Cola. It had neither a good cola taste nor did it compensate for the bitter and poor flavor with sweetness. It is entirely possible that I just had a bad bottle, if you’ve had a Squamscot Cola and had a different experience please comment. Rating:

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Nesbitt’s Honey Lemonade Review

Nesbitts Honey Lemonade

Brand: Nesbitt’s
Flavor: Honey Lemonade
Sweetener: High Fructose Corn Syrup
Size: 12 oz Bottle
Cost: $1.99
Purchased At: Rocket Fizz
Flavor Notes: Weak lemonade, fake, no honey…

So here’s a consumer insight for the marketing folks out there – slap the word “honey” on just about any soda and I will buy your product (at least once). There were a few things that made me buy this “drink” – I can’t call it a soda as you’ll soon find out. First, it was a hot day and lemonade sounded pretty good. Second, this is the only “honey” lemonade I have seen. Third, there was something about the label that drew me in – maybe it was the long, descriptive title “Nesbitt’s California Honey Lemonade Flavored Drink”. Lastly, I liked the graphics on the bottle of a bee character, honey pot, and lemon. I had high hopes for this one. The first thing I noticed about this beverage was that it was smooth/easy to drink; but not in a good way, in a “there is something off about this but I don’t know what it is…” way. It literally took me a few sips to figure it out. This beverage or drink is not carbonated. It’s not a soda. I hadn’t even considered that, I assumed that because it was in a glass bottle that it surely was a soda and carbonated. It was at this point that everything went downhill for me and this drink. I checked the label and started putting things together – this isn’t the nice sparkling lemonade sweetened with mellow and smooth honey that I thought it was going to be. No, this is a “Flavored Drink” – like a grape drink or Kool-Aid or something. In terms of taste and texture this drink is quite bad. There is a fake lemonade flavor (although the ingredients say there is some natural flavoring) and you really don’t get much of a honey flavor at all which is a real disappointment. Nesbitt’s Honey Lemonade tastes like those little flavored drink bottles you can buy in assorted colors. Needless to say I was pretty disappointed and can’t recommend this drink to anyone. I still do like the bottle though, for what that is worth. Rating:

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Whole Foods 365 Key Lime Soda Review

Brand: Whole Foods 365
Flavor: Key Lime
Sweetener: Cane sugar
Size: 12-ounce can
Purchased at: Whole Foods
Similar to: Bubble Up

365 soda is Whole Foods’ generic brand of soda. Similar to the generic brands at Wal-Mart or Smith’s, 365 has fairly plain, unimpressive packaging. The soda probably wouldn’t be classified as vintage soda at all, but it is sweetened with cane sugar so I decided to pick up a few of the different flavors and give them a shot. Considering how much I enjoyed the Stewart’s Key Lime I wrote about a few weeks ago, I was pretty excited to give this one a shot. Unfortunately, the key lime variant of 365 is nothing short of disappointing. The soda has none of the flavor or smoothness of key lime, but instead tastes similar to Sprite or Bubble Up. This is purely a lemon-lime soda. The fact that they call it “key lime” is very misleading. Overall, the soda is pretty plain and doesn’t do anything we haven’t seen a dozen other times. Every sip of this can just made me wish I was drinking a Stewart’s Key Lime instead. Hopefully all the 365 flavors don’t disappoint like this one did. rating:

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