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Mason’s Root Beer Soda Review

Brand: Mason’s
Flavor: Root Beer
Sweetener: Sugar
Size: 12 oz Bottle
Cost: $1.99
Purchased At: Rocket Fizz
Flavor Notes: Uncomplicated, sweet, smooth

I absolutely love Mason’s Root Beer. It’s such an easy-to-drink-and-enjoy root beer. Mason’s Root Beer should probably be a solid 3-star rated soda but because I love it so much I’m giving it 4-stars. The only thing keeping this root beer from being a 5-star soda is that it doesn’t do anything adventurous. You see, as much as I love this soda, Mason’s plays it safe with a predictable yet altogether good root beer and it’s always a pleasure to drink. I think that it takes a bit of risk for sodas to get that “best of category” 5-star rating. Mason’s takes a solid stand with a sweet, finely carbonated and smooth root beer. The root beer taste is not overbearing and never gets too natural. In one word I would describe Mason’s Root Beer as “uncomplicated”. It’s very straightforward, sweet and smooth which is what makes this soda so easy to drink. You’ll find that there’s something just a little different in Mason’s Root Beer than what you get with a comparable A&W or Dad’s Root Beer, maybe it’s the “Keg Brewed Flavor” that the label describes. Mason’s Root Beer dates back to 1947 and today is owned by Monarch Beverage Company in Atlanta, Georgia. If you’re a fan of simple, smooth and sweet root beers then Mason’s is one that you’ll want to try. Just be warned that you’re likely to come back to it time and time again if it’s available to you. Rating:

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