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Stewart’s Key Lime Soda Review

Key Lime Soda

Brand: Stewart’s
Flavor: Key Lime
Sweetener: High fructose corn syrup
Size: 12 ounce bottle
Cost: $1.39
Purchased at: Harmons
Similar to: N/A

Stewart’s website describes their Key Lime Soda as being similar to “sitting in a lounge chair and watching the sunset” while eating a piece of key lime pie. While I didn’t have any visions of sunsets, beaches, or cheap lawn chairs while I was drinking this soda, I was very impressed with the unique key lime flavor. The printing on the bottle promises “smooth lime taste” and it delivers. The flavor is smooth and not overpowering. Vintage soda enthusiasts may be disappointed to find out that this flavor, like all of Stewart’s varieties, is flavored with corn syrup rather than cane sugar, but that’s a pretty minor complaint for an otherwise excellent soda. rating:

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