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Kickin’ Cow Cola Review

Brand: Vermont Sweetwater Bottling
Flavor: Cola
Sweetener: Dehydrated cane juice
Size: 12 ounce bottle
Purchased at: Old 52
Similar to: N/A

Having only been a small child when Crystal Pepsi was released, I have never tried a clear cola. Needless to say, I was excited to give Kickin’ Cow Cola a try. From Vermont Sweetwater Bottling, the cola is made with no artificial colors and no artificial flavor. The label has a certain charm to it that lets you know this is definitely an old-fashioned soda from a small bottler. The label says that Kickin’ Cow Cola is “all natural soda from pure mountain water, natural flavors and dehydrated cane juice.” Although I’m left to wonder what all is included in the natural flavors, I’m certain that at least one of those flavors is cinnamon. Although the soda actually smells pretty similar to Coca-Cola, the taste is quite a bit different. The cola has a very strong cinnamon flavor to it. The carbonation is pretty light so the soda goes down easy and doesn’t have too much of a bite to it. If you’re looking for a unique cola, I definitely recommend picking up a bottle or two of Kickin’ Cow Cola. rating:

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