Dublin Dr. Pepper Review

Brand: Dr. Pepper
Flavor: Dublin Dr. Pepper
Sweetener: Imperial Cane Sugar
Size: 8 ounce bottle
Purchased At: Old 52
Similar To: None

A year or two ago, I remember walking down the soda aisle at a grocery store and spotting a few 20-ounce plastic bottles of something called Heritage Dr. Pepper. This Dr. Pepper was made with real sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup. My interest piqued, I bought a bottle to give it a shot. I remember it not tasting much different than the regular Dr. Pepper that I know and love. When I went back to the store a few days later in an attempt to do a side-by-side comparison of regular and Heritage Dr. Pepper, I was disappointed to see that they had none left in stock. I haven’t seen Heritage Dr. Pepper since. Here I am, a year or two later with a bottle of Dublin Dr. Pepper. I’m not sure if Dublin Dr. Pepper and Heritage Dr. Pepper are the same thing or if the sugar used to make each of them is slightly different. Dublin Dr. Pepper is sweetened with Imperial Pure Cane Sugar. It is named Dublin Dr. Pepper because it is made in Dublin, Texas using the original Dr. Pepper formula. Much like the Heritage Dr. Pepper I tried a little while ago, I couldn’t tell much of difference between the Dublin Dr. Pepper and regular Dr. Pepper. I should have probably tried them side-by-side. Having said that, I have long loved regular Dr. Pepper so I enjoyed the Dublin variety quite a bit. It was highly carbonated and very refreshing. If you aren’t very fond of Dr. Pepper, the Dublin variety probably won’t do much to change your mind, though. I’m hoping to track down another bottle so I can do a comparison. In any event, Dublin Dr. Pepper is highly recommended by me especially for anyone that loves regular Dr. Pepper.

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