Our Rating System

At VintageSodas.com, we rate sodas on a 1-star to 5-star scale. Here is the breakdown of what each rating means:

Five stars is the highest rating. Sodas that receive five stars are excellent both in color and presentation. This rating is given to the very best. View our 5-star sodas.

Four stars is given to sodas that are good. The sodas that receive four stars have good flavor and quality but are lacking something that would make them the very best. View our 4-star sodas.

Three stars are given to sodas that are pretty good or average. Sodas receiving three stars are worth drinking but probably won’t be a soda that you’ll return to again and again. View our 3-star sodas.

Two stars are given to sodas that are below average and don’t have many redeeming qualities. These sodas aren’t disgusting but they are not very good overall. View our 2-star sodas.

A single star is the lowest rating. The sodas that receive one star are bad. These are sodas that are probably best to avoid. View our 1-star sodas.

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